The Journey So Far

Pephennas clutched his head as he awoke with an awful headache and no recollection of how he had ended up in a jail cell. The sunlight from the barred window hinted towards early morning and so with great reluctance he stood up. He quickly noticed that the cell was much more decorated and cared for than what you would expect from a jail-house.

A low pitched voice greeted him from a cell next door, inside there was a small gnome with a long white beard and a red pointy hat, next to him sat a large furry dog with a small saddle on its back. The gnome introduced himself as Rel Gravel, he had wandered far and ended up here in Thistle, expecting soon to arrive company.

Shinkh Reltar had been on the road for what must now be more than a month. He had left his home in Stark to follow his mentor to a city in the south for reasons unknown to him. Despite the long journey and the many perils on the way they had finally made it to Thistle. It was not much to look at compared to the greatness of Starks grand temples and castles. However it was still better than the many small farm villages they had spent the nights in on the way. Master Giovanni made his way to the guard captains quarters and Shinkh was made to wait outside while the two spoke.

After a long talk, Master Giovanni left the building, being led by a large well dressed man. His hair was well kept and his posture and presence both gave the impression of authority. The symbols on his uniform quickly revealed that he was guard captain Hestus. A nobleman of Thistle and a storied fighter in his youth. Shinkh made haste to catch up as they headed off down the main road.

Shiba Redhorn had worked tirelessly for days as the steady stream of new prisoners came to the jail-house. The cells were filling up and they had to use the cells reserved for noblemen and witnesses to house common criminals. The days had become increasingly chaotic. The amount of people fighting over mundane issues and the number of murders had greatly increased as if people were going mad. Nevertheless he had a job to do, he was to guard the jail-house as second in command to Warden Borlow.

As Shinkh walked through the doorway he was met by the loud cursing of prisoners as they argued with the guards on duty. They walked past the commotion into a doored off hallway where decorated cells lined the right wall. In the first cell sat a gnome, eagerly awaiting the company of Giovanni. The master wizard began conversing with the gnome with careful whispers. Unheard by the others, however the curious elf next door tried to eavesdrop but understood only that the gnome had found an object of great importance.

Prisoner revolt/escape
Thistle on fire
Bandits and Grey knights
The book
Fleeing Thistle
Attacked on the road to sunfell at night
reached sunfell
many refugees
finding place to stay
identifying items
robbing the blacksmiths wife
getting caught
serving as scouts
attacked by wolves
getting to thistle
finding girl
resting, dwarf wakes up
looking for his uncle
the girls story
leaving toward rakcity
finding Kraigaryn
goblin battle
entering rakcity
looking for bounty work
looking for stefvens in the ghetto
finding work for stefvens
attacking warehouse
jasper dies
returning to stefvens shack
telling the authorities
raiding the shack
finding the cave
killing stefvens
finding thistle loot
finding a grey knight summons
attacking the goblin cave
exploding chest
rescuing the parents
stalking kregaryn
buying fine clothes
getting caught by kregaryn
the truth about kregaryn
the truth about the book and their mission
kregaryn tells about the order of the grey
party leaves rakcity after finding out someones looking for them
stopping to rest in Sind
wake up to find an eye on the window
party quickly heads to Dvaren
finds out its a military base/town
troops have been dipatched to deal with an ogre problem to the north
party heads north to woestedt
finds a merchants camp , everyone is dead
finds a crucified man with an eye carved into his forhead, message to pephennas
party heads to kapis to rest and report the situation
party enters woestedt
shiba looks for work, finds out about the ogre problem to the west
shiba finds out about a builders guild with several dwarven members
shinkh finds sherman, one of the two council mages to the duke
after 2 weeks shinkh learns the ways of the white robes
more dreams, everyone has them
shiba and pephennas go asking around about uncle dwarf at the dwarven builders guild
pephennas outdrinks the co-owner of the guild (female)
party leaves by the lake to the north, finds the lake to be strange
finds the temple of Demias and stays the night.
argus warns pephennas of trouble
church is attacked by bear and ranger elf
party beats him with pephennas almost dying.
they loot the elf for magical items.
party heads north after paying back for what they burned in crops.
after leaving Caouldor the party spotted smoke followed by giants back from where they came
the party evacuated Morrow and fled to Jossik.
on the way they were attacked by dissplacerbeasts but managed to fend them off
party wanted beast penis so they got beast penis
in Faladar the party teamed up with Edango and Kevin to guide them through the large forest on the way to Stark
they hired a dwarven priest by the name of Durgen Stonetooth
they were attacked by Polymus, a large built man in full plate armour wielding a massive mirror like shield.
after defeating him the party headed north to Aarial, t here they resupplied and began their journey through the forest.
A few days into the journey the party encountered a pack of bears which they proceeded to attack
the fight was difficult and nearly cost them their lives but they managed to set up camp in a nearby glenn
a few days later at the edge of the forest the party was attacked by fire-breathing hounds
despite the burning chaos and the sharp fangs they made it out barely in one piece watching the still growing fire.

The Journey So Far

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